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Lelystad Airport has been open for 50 years.

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Lelystad Airport, in full operation


Lelystad Airport has been playing a central role in the aviation industry for more than 50 years

As the largest General Aviation airport in the Netherlands, Lelystad Airport currently facilitate around 80.000 aircraft movements per year.

What is sometimes overlooked is the bustling activity that has been taking place here for many years. Some talk about an airport that is yet to open, but if you visit the airport, you will see that on busy days, there are between 350-450 aircraft movements, and many employees find their way to one of the forty-five businesses at the airport.

Lelystad-Airport-Jan Eerkens


Jan Eerkens, CEO Lelystad Airport: We are now waiting for The Hague's final decision to open Lelystad Airport’s gates for commercial passenger traffic.



Nicky: Lelystad Airport is the largest General Aviation airport in the Netherlands, with good weather, we are having up to 450 aircraft movements a day.

Lelystad-Airport-Jelle Moerkerken

Fire brigade

Jelle: When I was asked to set up the fire brigade here, I did not hesitate for a second.


Marketing Communication

Esmèe: Together with my colleague Kim, I organized various events in 2023 to celebrate our 50th anniversary.