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Lelystad Airport is a unique place to locate your business. You can buy, rent or build a business space.

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Your business at Lelystad Airport?

Lelystad Airport is a unique place to locate your business space, if you have a link to aviation.

 You will find a variety of companies with aviation-related activities at our airport. From flight schools to storage areas and from maintenance for smaller aviation to business aviation (think private jets). But also specialty companies for medical flights, for mapping areas (for Google Maps) and relay flights (this allows millions of people to enjoy live sporting events).

Good to know: the buildings are for sale or rent and the land is issued on a long lease. New construction plans? There’s room for that, too. We will gladly put you in touch with the broker or owner if you want to (re)buy or (re)rent a property.

Lelystad Airport is easily accessible for the business market, both nationally and internationally.


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