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Working together towards sustainable development

Lelystad Airport, Flevoland Province and Lelystad Municipality have jointly established the Airport Fund. They have high ambitions regarding the sustainable development of the airport environment, aiming for maximum economic returns and optimal liveability in the area.

The parties will use the fund to deploy resources for initiatives that will strengthen liveability, sustainability and the economy in and around Lelystad Airport.

The initiatives should contribute to the airport fund parties’ policies and to improving the quality of the environment in a broad sense.



The fund supports projects that fit into one of the following themes:

  • Climate-friendly aviation
  • Raw material scarcity
  • Environment and noise
  • Sustainable employment
  • Accessibility and air quality
  • Biodiversity


Submit request

Individuals and companies can submit requests to any one of the partners.

Requests must meet the following conditions:

  • Initiatives must fit into one of the six themes.
  • Initiatives must serve the interests of at least two of the parties in the fund.
  • No other financial resources are available.
  • Initiatives must fit into the parties’ policy.

Initiatives will be assessed on their degree of effectiveness in relation to the requested subsidy; only initiatives with demonstrable ‘value for money’ will be honoured.


Do you have an idea for a project or activity?

If so, please contact us at [email protected]. If the initiative meets the conditions, you will be sent an application form.


Assessment of requests

After a request has been submitted, it will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The initiative must not be the legal responsibility of any of the fund parties or other government ministries, such as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.
  • The results of the initiative must affect the immediate surroundings of Lelystad Airport.
  • The initiative cannot use any other funds.
  • The initiative must not be economically profitable (yet), and/or it must be so innovative that it cannot come to fruition without a subsidy.
  • The initiative must represent ‘value for money’. This is evaluated on its degree of effectiveness in relation to the requested financial contribution.
  • The initiative must serve the interests of at least two parties in the fund.
  • There must be no illicit state aid.


Assignment or subsidy

Financial resources will be made available through a contract if the initiative involves providing a service or work to an applicant. When awarding contracts, European and national procurement rules will be observed. The procurement and procurement policy of the party to whom the service or work is provided will apply. If a service or work is provided to multiple parties, the procurement and tendering policy of the party acting as principal shall apply.

If financial resources are made available by the province or municipality for activities that fit within provincial or municipal policy, other than as payment for goods and services provided, these financial resources will be made available through a subsidy. In arranging this, the parties will agree which party will fulfil the role of grantor and how the other parties will contribute.


More information

The Flevoland province and Lelystad local authority subsidy schemes can be found on