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Register and apply for access passes at Lelystad Airport.

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Security at the airport

Security is of utmost importance at Lelystad Airport. Anyone visiting the airport will notice this. A number of security measures are in place to ensure safety for travellers, employees and other people.

Airport identity card

Employees wishing to work at Lelystad Airport have to apply for an airport identity card. The same also applies to private individuals who need to be airside.

To apply for an airport identity card, you must have a Certificate of Good Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG) or Statement of No Objection (Verklaring Geen Bezwaar, VGB).
In addition to a VOG or VGB, you need to pass the Safety & Security test before you can receive the airport identity card.

To best prepare for the test, you should read through the ‘Safety & Security Pocket Book’, NL version.‘Zakboek Safety & Security’

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It is currently not possible to visit the Badge Centre. You can reach us via e-mail. For questions and/or comments, please contact the Badge Centre at [email protected]