Lelystad Airport is perfect as a home base.

Home Flights


Lelystad Airport is your departure base for different purposes. To learn to fly, to see the Netherlands from above during a sightseeing flight, for example. But also to take a seat in a professional simulator or to go to work by plane.

With more than 80,000 air transport movements (40,000 flights) per year, Lelystad Airport is the largest General Aviation airport in the Netherlands. A controlled airport where air traffic control (LVNL) operates the tower and safety comes first.

Flight training, sightseeing flights, business aviation and flight simulation: your flight starts at Lelystad Airport.

Lelystad Aiport lesvluchten

Flight training

Lelystad Airport is the perfect place to learn to fly. For private and professional pilots.

Lelystad Aiport Simulatievluchten 360x200

Flight simulation

Want to experience flying for yourself? To see with your own eyes what it involves?

Lelystad Airport rondvluchten

Sightseeing flights

Want to see the Netherlands from a different angle?


Lelystad Airport zakenvluchten

Business aviation

Fly from Lelystad Airport directly to multiple European destinations.