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Work permit

You will be performing work at Lelystad Airport. In many cases – both airside and landside – you will need a work permit to do so. A work permit ensures that everyone can carry out their work at the airport safely. Please check below whether you need a work permit or whether written permission is sufficient.


When do I need a work permit?

The nature and scope of the work will determine whether you need to apply for a work permit or whether a written request by e-mail is sufficient. The work is permitted only after you have received written confirmation of this from the airport. A work permit is always required for the following activities:

  • Work that is (partly) performed on airside;
  • Work that is (partly) outside the applicant’s own premises (e.g. partly on access roads);
  • Excavation work. The applicant must provide a Klic notification separately;
  • Work carried out on or near electronic or mechanical installations in or on land and buildings. The applicant must submit a completed circuit card with the application;
  • Work involving cranes and/or aerial work platforms;
  • Worki involving tree/shrub felling and/or structural pruning work;
  • Work affecting the fire-safe use (sprinkler/fire separation/fire alarm system) and evacuation (escape routes/evacuation system) of a building;
  • Work impacting the operations of other users (e.g., SRA-CP, land border, X-ray, etc.);
  • In case of events.


How long in advance should I apply for a work permit?

If a work permit is required, the application period is at least ten working days. For large and complex applications, you should allow for a maximum of seven weeks. If you do not need a work permit and a written confirmation from the airport is sufficient, your application can be approved within two working days.


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