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Durable and simple.

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Spectacular simplicity

The sustainable terminal is Lelystad Airport’s flagship.

Spectacular simplicity; minimum resources have been used to create maximum effect and the design fits right in with the polder landscape.

The passenger terminal is the place you enter when you are about to start your holiday. That is where you are waved off or welcomed back by your family and friends.

Lelystad Airport will be a ‘self-service airport’. As a traveller, you quickly go through an orderly process. You can already see the planes from the entrance. It is a place where you feel at ease and where you can enjoy a stunning view of our runway.

The terminal has an area of 12,000 square metres.


One of the most sustainable terminals in the world

The passenger terminal obtained LEED Gold-certification in 2019, making the building measurably one of the most sustainable terminals in the world. Efforts have been made to minimise energy consumption. Spaces where travellers spend only a short time, such as the entrance hall and reclaim, are not air-conditioned. The climate control system is switched on only at security, in the lounge and the waiting area at the gate. An air source heat pump is installed for cooling and heating. The terminal has no gas connection. The building is well insulated, which further reduces energy consumption.


De Lelystadse Boer

In the passenger terminal, we are also working together with De Lelystadse Boer. For example, travellers can enjoy fresh fries or fruit from De Lelystadse Boer in the catering facilities.

De Lelystadse Boer op Lelystad Airport