The history of Lelystad Airport

From a grass runway to a controlled airport.

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Lelystad Airport, celebrating over 50 years

1973: Lelystad Airport opens for General Aviation.

1981: Pavement of the runway.

1991: Extension of the runway.

1993: Lelystad Airport becomes part of Royal Schiphol Group. The name changes to Lelystad Airport.

2008: The government adopts the advice of the Alderstafel commission, in which Lelystad Airport is named as an overflow airport of Schiphol, together with Eindhoven Airport.

2015: Lelystad Airport gets official permission that it can expand by the adoption of the Airport Decree. By 2018, Lelystad Airport is ready for holiday/leisure air traffic.

2017: The runway’s extension is completed for code C aircraft (Airbus A320/Boeing 737 etc.). The air traffic control tower is raised.

2019: Installation of its own fire brigade and air traffic control. Lelystad Airport has become a controlled airport.

2018-2023: The opening of Lelystad Airport for holiday/leisure air traffic has been postponed several times by the cabinet in The Hague.

2023: Lelystad Airport celebrates its 50th anniversary on 19 November.

Lelystad Airport 50 jaar


Anniversary year 2023

On November 19, 2023, Lelystad Airport celebrated its 50th anniversary. Throughout the year, Lelystad Airport marked the occasion with special festivities.

Watch our anniversary video now.