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The striking red-and-white air control tower

At Lelystad Airport, in 2017, the air control tower was raised from 9 to 22.4 metres to allow larger (narrow-body) aircraft, under the guidance of air traffic controllers, to take off and land safely. Safety comes first, which is why it is important for Air Traffic Control (LVNL) to have excellent visibility across the entire airport, both on the ground and in the air.

A special feature of the control tower at Lelystad Airport is that the construction of the original control tower has been preserved. The dome of the tower was taken off temporarily, and three floors were placed on top of the current tower, after which the dome was placed back on the elevated tower. This provided a sustainable solution in raising the tower.

The striking red-and-white tower was finally returned to service in July 2018. A mobile control tower was used during the refurbishment.