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LARSA: a unique app for pilots

What is the most convenient time to take off and land at Lelystad Airport? One look at the LARSA app… and you’ll know the answer. This app is specially designed for pilots to pre-plan flights. This can be done at any time of the day. Helpful, because it saves you time and there are no surprises.

LARSA refers to Lelystad Airport Runway Scheduling App. Developed by Lelystad Airport, Airport Creators and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands.

Using LARSA in 3 simple steps

1.Select the preferred activity, such as VFR/IFR arrival or departure.
2.Select the preferred date and time for your activity. The app then informs if this is a suitable time.
3.After confirmation, return to the home screen and your planned flights will be visible.

The advantages of the LARSA app

– You can plan, change and cancel your flight up to an hour in advance.
– You are informed in real time of the operational situation at the airport.
– You can plan your activity and avoid congestion.​

Download the app

Download the app in Google Play Store or  Apple App Store. Or visit LARSA online at: