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When is the LARSA app available?
The LARSA app is now available to all users of Lelystad Airport. For more information, please visit

When will Lelystad Airport open for major commercial air transport? 
At the moment, we do not have a specific date yet. Minister van Nieuwenhuizen says she continues to push for a speedy opening of Lelystad Airport. As an airport, we are fully ready to start being commercially operational at any given moment.

Are there any job openings at Lelystad Airport?
On the ‘Job Vacancies’ page we publish the most recent job vacancies at the Lelystad Airport head office. Would you like to work at our new terminal? Please read more about the job openings of airport service provider Viggo. There are several companies located at our airport site. They may have job openings. Please check the business directory here.

Does Lelystad Airport offer any internships? Can I graduate there?
We publish current internship- or graduation opportunities at the Lelystad Airport head office on our ‘Internships page. There are several companies located at our airport site. They may have internship- or graduation opportunities. Please check the business directory here.

Can I get a tour or a presentation of Lelystad Airport?
At the moment, we are not organising general tours or presentations. After our official opening, we would love to welcome you as a passenger at our new holiday airport.

Can I still rent terminal space for catering- or retail purposes?
After a diligent selection process, Lelystad Airport is now interviewing interested catering- or retail parties. Therefore, you can no longer submit requests for new catering- or retail initiatives.

Which type of aircraft will be flying to and from Lelystad Airport?
The runways, landing strips, taxiways and aircraft gate parking stands that have already been realised are certified by the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) based on Code C Traffic. This means that the airport is suitable for aircraft such as the Boeing 737, the Airbus A320 or smaller aircraft.

Will Lelystad Airport carry out cargo flights? 
There will not be any cargo flights to and from Lelystad Airport. Minister van Nieuwenhuijzen has confirmed this at the House of Representatives. The renovated infrastructure at Lelystad Airport does not allow for cargo traffic; the runways are too short, the lanes too narrow and the aircraft gate parking stands are too small. Also, Lelystad Airport does not have the recourses to deal with cargo traffic, such as appropriate storage facilities, customs or customs clearance facilities.

Will Lelystad Airport operate night flight? 
There will not be any night flights scheduled to and from Lelystad Airport. The runway and landing strip can be used between the hours of 6am and 11pm, possibly 12pm if there are any flight delays from the country of departure.

How do I get to and from Lelystad Airport after the airport has opened for major commercial air transport?  
Lelystad Airport is easily accessible by public transport and by car. Sometime this year, the Anthony Fokkerweg (road leading up to Lelystad Airport) will be connected to the A6 (motorway). This will create a direct link to the airport. The Flevoland Province is also working with the Lelystad city council to improve bus connections. Transport company Arriva will start running the Airport Express bus once Lelystad Airport opens as a holiday airport. This bus connection will make for a fast transfer between the Lelystad train station and Lelystad Airport. Tourists wishing to fly out to their holiday destination will be then the able to reach the airport in under 15 minutes.

What are the (holiday) destinations you can fly to from Lelystad Airport? 
At this moment, we do not yet know which destinations our airlines will be flying to.

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