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Lelystad Airport, a new point of departure.

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Lelystad Airport, a new point of departure

Lelystad Airport is preparing to open the most sustainable airport for holiday travellers.

As soon as the Dutch cabinet makes a positive decision, Lelystad Airport can open for commercial passenger flights.


Royal Schiphol Group

Lelystad Airport is part of Royal Schiphol Group.

Lelystad Airport is intended to take over flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (‘overflow airport’).

Since 2008, Schiphol and the government have been planning to move flights from Schiphol to Lelystad Airport and at Schiphol. In 2015, the Minister adopted the Airport Decree to this end. Among other things, due to corrections that had to be made to environmental reports and adjustments to flight paths, the relocation of flights has not yet started.

In 2022, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management (Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat, IenW) set two preconditions for deciding on amendment of the Airport Decree. These preconditions involve finding a solution for the approach route at Lemelerveld and obtaining a Nature License.

As soon as Lelystad Airport takes over flights from Schiphol, this will help better balance operations at Schiphol. It ensures less noise nuisance around Schiphol, where some 129,000 local residents are seriously disturbed by aircraft noise. At Lelystad Airport, there are less than 200 people seriously disturbed by aircraft noise.

To continue to maintain the liveability around Lelystad Airport after its opening to commercial air traffic, Lelystad Airport is in close contact with local residents (mostly farmers) and an intensive Monitoring & Evaluation Programme will be launched at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. This programme will identify the effects of noise, food safety and health, among other things.


Flight routes

The flight routes to and from Lelystad Airport have been designed within the existing airspace.

The design takes into account the busy routes to and from Schiphol Airport. Also, part of the airspace is used as a military training area.

In designing flight routes, safety always comes first. Other important principles include minimising noise pollution and minimising CO2 emissions.

The number of commercial passenger flights is limited to a maximum of 10,000 flights per year in the first years. This is an average of 27 take-offs/landings per day.


No cargo, no night flights

The airport is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., with an occasional run-out until no later than midnight in case of any delays during the last flight.

Lelystad Airport is closed at night; therefore there are no night flights.

There will also be no cargo flights.


Major regional boost

The expansion of Lelystad Airport gives a major economic boost to the region.

The airport attracts companies, creates local and regional employment and strengthens the business climate, for example for companies involved in maintenance and repair of aircraft and aircraft parts (MRO companies).

Lelystad Airport Businesspark (LAB) is a dynamic place where innovation and sustainability are central and where entrepreneurs are literally given the space to do business. Thanks to its optimal accessibility and central location, Lelystad Airport Businesspark is a springboard to Europe and the rest of the world.


Lelystad Airport is prepared for opening for holiday travellers

In preparation for the arrival of commercial flights, the existing control tower has been raised and Lelystad Airport has become a controlled airport. The runway has also been extended and a new, sustainable passenger terminal has been built.

This new terminal was built as sustainably as possible and has Leed Gold certification. Efforts have been made to minimise energy consumption.

Areas where travellers spend only a short time, such as the entrance hall and the reclaim area, are not air-conditioned. Only at security, in the lounge and the waiting area at the gate is the building equipped with an air-conditioning system. An air source heat pump has been installed for cooling and heating. The terminal has no gas connection. The building is well insulated, further reducing energy consumption.


Local community

Lelystad Airport maintains good contacts with the local community.

Local and provincial governments hope to open Lelystad Airport for commercial flights for reasons including new job opportunities, more training opportunities and increased regional appeal.

The airport is working closely with its immediate neighbours, farmers united in De Lelystadse Boer foundation. They already cut the grass on the airport grounds and will supply the hospitality and retail sectors in the passenger terminal with produce.