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Lelystad Airport joined Lelystad Akkoord

Lelystad Airport has been officially affiliated with the Lelystad Akkoord since March 2024.

Lelystad Akkoord is a collaboration of government, education, business, and social institutions, all with the aim of creating an inclusive labor market. In this, ‘nobody is left behind’, and there is room for everyone’s talent. People who are distanced from the labor market are given an opportunity! Lelystad Akkoord aims to sustainably improve the socio-economic position of Lelystad.

The Inclusive Labor Market is one in which people participate as much as possible and sustainably, not focusing on limitations but on possibilities. Lelystad Akkoord establishes a network to explore opportunities to help people with a distance from the labor market find employment, prevent employees from becoming unemployed, and maximize the connection between employers and education. The goal is to offer job security to as many people as possible and thereby utilize all labor potential in the region. Companies that participate in this are inclusive entrepreneurs.

“Lelystad Airport considers it important to be part of its societal environment. Being part of Lelystad Akkoord is definitely part of that,” said Jan Eerkens, Chief Executive Officer of Lelystad Airport.

Photograph of Jan Eerkens


March 20,2024.