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Lelystad Airport in Madurodam

Lelystad Airport in Madurodam!

On 8 June 2023, Madurodam unveiled its iconic control tower together with Lelystad Airport employees. “We are proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary with this beautiful spot in Madurodam,” said Jan Eerkens, CEO Lelystad Airport.

Madurodam is delighted with the addition of Lelystad Airport in its park. The striking aircraft tower deserves a place in Madurodam and is a great addition to the other miniatures from the province of Flevoland,” said Madurodam’s management.

Not only employees of Lelystad Airport witnessed the unveiling. To mark the airport’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to celebrate together with Lelystad’s future generation. In cooperation with partner JINC, we set up a competition for primary schools in Lelystad. Prize winner of the all-inclusive school trip was CBS Ichthus primary school. Groups 5 to 8 travelled with Lelystad Airport to Madurodam and had a great day. ‘It’s fantastic to see those happy faces at the unveiling of our airport’, said Jan Eerkens.

31 July 2023.