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Launch of the Flevoland Hydrogen Valley platform

On 23 June 2023, the Flevoland Hydrogen Valley (FLHY) platform was launched with the aim of jointly developing a hydrogen economy.

More than 70 attendees officially opened the platform at the Maxima power plant. The aim is to jointly grow and prosper the hydrogen economy in Flevoland. Connecting suppliers and buyers of hydrogen will create new business and reduce the use of fossil fuels in Flevoland.

After the summer of 2023, Horizon will organise cluster tables for groups of companies to jointly set up innovation projects around the theme of hydrogen.
Flevoland has little energy-using industry, but Flevoland does have Lelystad Airport, many agricultural vehicles that could run on hydrogen, several transport companies, ships and a large power plant: the Maxima power plant in Lelystad. The Maxima power plant is currently being converted to also run on hydrogen.

There are many windmills and solar panels in the polder whose power can be used to produce hydrogen at suitable times.

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