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Hollywood in Flevoland

Hollywood in Flevoland during International Firefighters’ Day!

Thursday 4 May marked International Firefighters’ Day and we, at Lelystad Airport, are particularly proud of our fire brigade!
Our men are an indispensable link in our operations.

And what better way to showcase the work of our firefighters than on Dutch TV.
NPO programme Zappelin takes you on an exciting adventure of a firefighter and the crash tender at Lelystad Airport in the programme “the Magic Car”. Starring Aron, Soy and our very own George Clooney: Horst Hoogland

Watch the broadcast here:

About Firefighters’ Day
Firefighters’ Day is celebrated every year on 4 May. It was established after a proposal was made on 4 January 1999, following the deaths of five firefighters under tragic circumstances in a forest fire in Australia.