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Height restrictions around Lelystad Airport

Lelystad Airport is committed to safety for local residents, businesses and pilots. To ensure safety at and around the airport, height restrictions apply around Lelystad Airport. With height restrictions, we keep the approach and departure routes free of obstacles.

Air traffic at Lelystad Airport

The height restrictions that apply around airports are laid down in international laws and regulations. Anyone who has construction plans at or around the airport or wants to place temporary obstacles must take this into account. It is Lelystad Airport’s responsibility to ensure safety for all parties involved. For this reason, Lelystad Airport’s Operational Service conducts daily inspection rounds which include checking for height restrictions. These restrictions are set to keep the approach and departure routes free of obstacles. Consider:

  • trees
  • buildings
  • cranes
  • aerial platforms

Height restrictions

The height restrictions are formed by a system of planes around the runway. The constellation extends to 15 kilometres around the airport. Lelystad Airport has had all major objects in the immediate area officially measured and the design of the flight paths has been adjusted accordingly.

New obstacles

New obstacles placed without permission could pose a safety hazard. Temporary obstacles such as aerial platforms or cranes always require permission from the airport.

Do you have plans to place a temporary obstacle within 15 km of the airport? If so, apply for a work permit well in advance via the Lelystad Airport website: Please allow at least ten working days for the processing of applications.

Building plans

Your municipality will liaise with the airport when assessing your building permit. Please also inform your municipality that your construction site is in the vicinity of the airport.

Questions on height restrictions

If you want to know more about the height restrictions in place around the airport, please check our website You may also ask your question by sending an e-mail to s[email protected]. Our Safety & Compliance Manager will then contact you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know what height restrictions apply to my property/land?
In establishing the height restriction, Lelystad Airport has measured all existing properties. This means that the current building and/or afforestation on your property/land is known to us. Any placing of (temporary) objects below the height of this building/afforestation need not be reported. Are you in doubt? If so, please contact our Safety Manager at [email protected].

What do the height restrictions mean for me? What should I take into account?
Lelystad Airport is subject to an altitude restriction in a 15 km perimeter of the airport. This means that objects may not exceed a certain height so as not to interfere with air traffic.
The maximum height varies by area. If you have construction or renovation plans or wish to place other (temporary) objects, you may need to notify Lelystad Airport via [email protected]. If you remain equal to, or lower than, your current height limit (a height limit is the highest point on the property such as a tree or roof of the house), then you do not need to report to Lelystad Airport.

Can Lelystad Airport indicate height restrictions for each property?
Lelystad Airport cannot provide a calculation for each property individually. The calculations are too complex for that. Do you have any construction or renovation plans or are you planning other work that will exceed the current height limit of your property/land? If so, please contact Lelystad Airport by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We will then take a look together with you to see what, if any, safety precautions need to be taken.