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Electric flying between Lelystad Airport and Schiphol

18 individuals had the opportunity to fly from Lelystad Airport to Schiphol in a Pipistrel Velis Electro with an instructor from E-Flight Academy.

This initiative is a collaboration between Electric Flying Connection (EFC) and E-flight Academy, with KLM as a partner. The goal is to explore what electric flying means for logistics and the required infrastructure.

Lelystad Airport was chosen due to its central location, accessibility, and the quality of its E-infrastructure. Lelystad Airport aims to contribute to the electrification of aviation.

‘We look back on a great event where we were able to contribute to insights about the E-infrastructure and the charging of electric aircraft necessary for electric flying. Thanks to this event, we have a better understanding of how Lelystad Airport can set up its electric facilities. To further sustain aviation, we need to test new technologies and innovations in practice with all industry stakeholders. Lelystad Airport is happy to play its part in this,’ said Jan Eerkens, CEO of Lelystad Airport.

30 August 2023.