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Cooperation with JINC

Lelystad Airport became a proud partner of non-profit organisation JINC.

The collaboration will help children from neighbourhoods with socio-economic disadvantages in getting a good start in the labour market.

In the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of children grow up in neighbourhoods with high levels of poverty and few role models. They have as much talent as peers from richer neighbourhoods, but often less opportunities to develop it. Through JINC’s projects, they are introduced to all kinds of professions, discover which work suits their talents and learn how to apply for a job.

Lelystad Airport now contributes financially to make the JINC projects possible and makes staff available as volunteers, for example as trainers or coaches. Experience has shown that the expertise and especially the enjoyment of professionals’ work inspires and stays with young people, and that the contact with professionals gives them self-confidence and insight into their own qualities.

“We are proud and happy to contribute to the work of JINC. At Lelystad Airport, we believe in equal opportunities. Every child has a certain drive and talent within them and we like to inspire children to be the best they can be. I am very much looking forward to students taking over my work on 1 June during the Boss of Tomorrow,” said Jan Eerkens, CEO Lelystad Airport.