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JINC ‘Baas van Morgen’

Jesse had the opportunity to be the boss of Lelystad Airport for one day. ‘Boss of Tomorrow,’ an initiative organized by JINC Netherlands.

Jesse took the place of our Strategy & Policy Manager, Nelleke van Bezooijen. Jesse experienced all aspects of an airport up close.

David Foppen took Jesse to the passenger terminal. There, he explained his responsibilities regarding airport safety. ‘It’s incredible to hear that Jesse’s ambition is to work with the Royal Marechaussee in High-Risk Security. Interestingly, I wanted the exact same thing at his age, and now I work here. After the introduction and the tour, I gave Jesse my business card and, as a special memento, two Royal Marechaussee patches. This young man is going places,’ said David.

Lelystad Airport is a proud partner of JINC. With projects like ‘Boss of Tomorrow,’ JINC is dedicated to a brighter future for young people. There’s no better way to inspire children and bring out their best than by giving them the reins for a day. JINC ‘Boss of Tomorrow’ provides that opportunity to hundreds of children nationwide.”

1 June 2023.