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Flying at a high level: A look behind the scenes at Wings over Holland

During our visit to Wings over Holland, we discovered a versatile company with extensive opportunities for flight training and courses. Whether you dream of obtaining a pilot’s license or renting an aircraft, Wings over Holland offers it all.

What is unique about Wings over Holland is the opportunity to learn to fly with aerobatic aircraft. Additionally, there is the option to pursue flight training in modules. This means that you can complete specific parts of the training at any desired time and also financially pay for the training in installments.

Wings over Holland not only provides flight training but also serves as an importer of Diamond aircraft. This signifies that they deliver and maintain high-quality aircraft from the Diamond brand and offer training and experience opportunities with these specific aircraft.

Rogier, our host at Wings over Holland, is an expert who was ready to provide information and answer questions. His knowledge and passion for aviation contributed to the positive experience of our visit. In summary, Wings over Holland is a dedicated partner for both passionate private pilots and professional pilots. The flexibility in training, the variety of flight options, and the team’s involvement make it an appealing destination for those looking to shape their aviation adventure.



Photos: Rogier of Wings over Holland, Christel  and Richard of Lelystad Airport.


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February 2024.