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‘Gate guard’ at Lelystad Airport

Lelystad Airport will celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 19th.

To commemorate this milestone, we received a Cessna from ROC. Eric Sliphorst from ROCVA: “This Cessna has been used for education for nearly 50 years. It’s wonderful to see this aircraft being given a place of honour as the ‘gatekeeper’ at Lelystad Airport after years of faithful service.”

The airport’s fire brigade team has renamed it to ‘PH-EdK’ in honour of the former havenmeester of Lelystad Airport.

The Cessna was originally registered as PH-ALB in 1964 and, in recent years, has been a key piece of equipment for students at MBO College Airport Hoofddorp where it carried the fictitious registration ‘PH-SKS’.

The end result is impressive, with a fresh new paint job in the airport’s corporate style. It has become a true eye-catcher!

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