A unique app for pilots

LARSA helps you to prevent unnecessary surprises and it helps you save time by planning your flight in advance, any time of the day. When making a reservation, LARSA immediately shows you the best time for carrying out your flight.

What is LARSA

Three simple steps help pilots to plan their General Aviation flight at Lelystad Airport. The Lelystad Airport Runway Scheduling App is an initiative of Lelystad Airport. It has been developed in collaboration with Airport Creators and Air Traffic Control Netherlands.
LARSA geeft je de mogelijkheid om tot een uur van te voren een vlucht in te plannen, te wijzigen of te annuleren en houdt je tevens op de hoogte van de operationele situatie op luchthaven. Indien gewenst kun je jouw activiteit om de drukte heen plannen.

How can I use LARSA

LARSA allows you to plan, change or cancel a flight up to an hour before take-off. It also keeps you updated of the airport’s operational situation. If necessary, you can plan your activity around the airport rush.
How to use LARSA- When planning a new flight, simply select the activity of your choice. Do bear in mind the VFR / IFR arrival or departure. Then select your preferred date and time. As soon as you have done that, the app automatically informs you about the availability. After confirming your activity, the app takes you back to the home screen, which shows all your planned flights.

Download the app

The app is now available and can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store. Pilots who prefer using LARSA via the Google Chrome- and Firefox internet browser can find the platform via