Operational info

Air Traffic Control at Lelystad Airport

On November 7th 2019, Lelystad Airport has introduced air traffic control.

 This includes:

  • New airspace structures (CTR’s, TMA’s and TMZ’s) around the airport;
  • New IFR and VFR procedures;
  • New runway length and declared distances;
  • Changes in the overall layout of the airport.

 For flight preparation purposes, please refer to the official Dutch publications: click HERE.

More information and guidance about the new ATC-procedures can be found HERE (in Dutch).

June 2020 – Work in progress on Taxiway Sierra

In June 2020, Lelystad Airport will perform maintenance on the underground fuel tanks. Due to the position of these tanks right next to Taxiway Sierra, the centre line of Taxiway Sierra will be displaced 2,25 meters, in order to maintain sufficient clearance with the construction site.

Click HERE for a schematic view of the situation.

There will be no operational consequences for aircraft with a wingspan of less than 18 meters. Follow me is mandatory for aircraft with a wingspan of 18 meters or more.
The local service road parallel to the taxiway is unavailable for vehicles and pedestrians during the works.

AVGAS UL91 not available until further notice

Due to issues with international production and transportation, AVGAS UL91 is currently not available. Resumption of delivery is expected not earlier than June. AVGAS 100LL and JET-A1 are available as usual.

A NOTAM on this subject has been issued.

New Visual Markers on downwind

With effect of March 14th 2020, two additional visual reference markers are added to indicate the preferred downwind track of runway 05/23. Following this track of four markers will help to reduce the noise disturbance for the local residents around the airport.

The two new markers are coloured red and white. Click HERE for a photo of one of them and HERE for their locations.

The new markers will be published in the AIP with effect of June 18th 2020.