Airport information

AIP Netherlands

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Location (ARP)

Latitude: 52-27-37 N
Longitude: 005-31-38 E
Elevation: -13 ft AMSL


RWY 05/23 1.250 x 30 m, paved, asphalt, grooved, PCN value 19,
RWY 05 edge lights, PAPI left and right of the runway
RWY 23 approach lights and edge lights, PAPI left of the runway
RWY C 05/23 430 x 50 m grass, only Micro Lights


 * IFR (Mon-Fri only outside UDP during OPR HR AD (Airport slot required)


ICAO airport reference code: 3C

Airport Fire Fighting category: CAT3, CAT4 or CAT5 available at request

Max. wingspan: 36 m, Max. wheeltrack: 9 m.

Handling agent/FBO: LELYSTAD AIRPORT (limited)

Passport Control (non-Schengen countries): during OPR HR AD


AD 123.675 Lelystad Radio AD info
AD 123.825 Lelystad Radio AD info (MLA only)
FIC 124.300 Amsterdam FIC information
FIC (mil) 132.35 Dutch Mil info

Navigation Aids

VOR / DME (PAM) 117.800 mHz
NDB (LLS) 326.0 kHz

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