Actual flight information

March 2020: Work in progress – ILS 05 not available

Between March 2nd and April 3rd, Lelystad Airport will extend the blast fence runway 23. Simultaneously, the service road around the north-east side of the airport will be upgraded.

During this period, the ILS of runway 05 will be switched off and therefore the ILS approach cannot be flown. Alternatively, the RNP approach 05 will still be available. ATC (LVNL) will issue an NOTAM on this subject. Please refer to

The moment of recommissioning the ILS is depending on the planning and results of flight tests. The exact schedule of these flights has not yet been determined.

No further operational restrictions are expected.



November 7th, 2019; Implementation of Air Traffic Control

On November 7th 2019, Lelystad Airport has introduced air traffic control.

 This includes:

  • New airspace structures (CTR’s, TMA’s and TMZ’s) around the airport;
  • New IFR and VFR procedures;
  • New runway length and declared distances;
  • Changes in the overall layout of the airport.

 For flight preparation purposes, please refer to the official Dutch publications: click HERE.

More information (in Dutch) about the implementation of air traffic control can be found HERE.