Simulator flights

Simcenter Lelystad welcomes both professional- and private pilots, as well as people enjoying a nice day trip.

Simcenter Lelystad provides an affordable full-flight simulator (Boeing 737-800 type). Full flight, motion via 6 DOV electronic platform. This simulator is unique; it sports 6 DOV electronic cylinders and it is accurate as well as silent.

Armed with the most recent software, Simcentre Lelystad can simulate more than 80 flight situations, such as engine fires and hydraulic failures. Here, you can prepare for any flights, landing and take-off at one of the 24.000 airports it has in store for you.

The instructors take care of the entire process, from the briefing and the simulation session to the debriefing. The simulator can be used for grading preparation, MCC, RAW data or simply to get a couple of hours of training ticked off the list. Combined with a full mock-up, this is a complete service, which is unique in the Netherlands.

Liaising with two regular companies, Simcenter Lelystad also offers branch-specific management courses.

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