Sightseeing flights

Looking for a bird’s eye view of the low countries? A sightseeing flight can be booked with a number of companies at Lelystad Airport, offering both flights in an aircraft and helicopter. During sightseeing flights restrictions apply, such as a minimum altitude. Preferably, there is no flying over town centers, nature reserves and touristic attractions.dd

Information on sightseeing flights:

Helicopter Aircraft
Helicentre (0031 - 88 - 1221221) Special Air Services (0031 -55 - 3231789)
Heli Holland (0031 - 320 - 288654)
Rotor & Wings (0031 - 515 - 559642)

Consolidated PBY-5A "Catalina"
"Just like Lelystad Airport, become a donor of the Catalina Foundation, and support them to maintain Flying Heritage for the future. As a donor, it is possible to fly with the Catalina flyboat and to experience the unique landing on water. "
For more information, please contact 0031 - 6 - 26278784.