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Safety is key at Lelystad Airport. Anyone visiting this airport can tell safety is paramount. To guarantee the safety of all passengers, airport employees and others, a number of safety measures have been put in place. Upon entering secure areas, passengers and their baggage will be checked for illegal objects. When stocking shops, supplies will be checked. Also, airport employees will be checked before they are granted access to secure areas.

For prospective employees wishing to work at Lelystad Airport, an airport identification card is mandatory. To apply for this card, you need to obtain a certificate of conduct. Other than that, you will need to pass a test before receiving your airport identification card. The type of test depends on what it is your employer wishes to authorise you for. If you would like to prepare for your test, we recommend studying the teaching material (e-learning) and the PDF version of the ‘Safety and Security Handbook’.

Company registration:

Before an employer can apply for employee cards, his or her company must be registered with Lelystad Airport.

Applying for a Lelystad Airport pass:

Are you not an employer but do you own a parking space and do you thus need a Lelystad Airport pass? When filling out the form, put ‘Lelystad Airport’ in the employer box. We will start your certificate of conduct application.

Background Security Check:

For employees:


Those who wish to access ‘airside’ with their vehicle, are required to apply for a ‘Lelystad Airport card vehicles’. Please note: this only applies to people who have been granted access to one of the 8 Southern Acreage zones.

Opening hours and queries

You need to make an appointment to come and collect your card. After applying for your card, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.
Opening hours Badge Center: Due to the Corona virus it's temporarily not possible to visit the Badge Center. You can reach us via email.

For any queries and / or comments you can contact the Badge Center via