Lelystad Airport has two large paved parking areas for paid parking. The airport also has a number of parking spaces with charging stations. Please click here to see their exact locations.

Car Park P1

Car Park P1 is situated directly opposite the airport terminal and offers 150 parking spaces. You can pay for parking at the desk inside the terminal. Regular visitors can purchase a parking contract or a top-up card. Companies can purchase their clients’ exit tickets in advance.

Car Park P2

Car Park P2 is situated directly opposite the National Aviation theme park Aviodrome and offers 500 parking spaces. You can pay for parking at the Aviodrome desk.
Events parking – For airport events, Lelystad Airport can make several locations available for temporary parking, offering space to thousands of cars.

Company parking

Most companies located at Lelystad Airport have their own parking. These are designated parking spaces, for clients and employees only.

Parking policy

Lelystad Airport has a parking policy that includes fining illegally parked cars. These can be towed.

For all information with regards to parking, please contact the department of commercial affairs at Lelystad Airport. You can reach them by phone on +31 320 284 773.