Company Profile

The last couple of years we have worked hard to turn Lelystad Airport into the new holiday airport. Mind you, our first steps involved a grassy runway a stone’s throw from Lelystad, back in 1973. It was then we became an official airport, with pilots landing via ‘Hotel Bravo’.

Schiphol Group took over the airport in 1993. Airport Lelystad became Lelystad Airport and it grew to be an important airport for the General Aviation.

Today our journey of growth is marked with a new starting point: we are becoming an airport for major commercial air transport. In the past years, a lot of work has been done to label Lelystad Airport the latest holiday airport of the Netherlands. Lelystad Airport will start operating European holiday flights, as well as flights to other destinations around the Mediterranean.

The continued growth of Lelystad Airport gives this region an important economic boost. The airport attracts companies, provides local- and regional employment opportunities, and strengthens the business climate.

Luchthaven Lelystad Ltd. (‘Airport Lelystad’) is Lelystad Airport’s operator; it is a full subsidiary of Schiphol Group. Luchthaven Lelystad Ltd. trades as Lelystad Airport.